Dahlia Subscription-3 Weeks


Ready to dive into dahlia heaven?   Our 3-week subscription is where it’s at! People are always amazed at the size and shape differences of dahlias and our customers love these fleeting beauties! Each week, you’ll receive a bouquet of 9 dahlias, along with with some other late summer blooms added in.  A mix of different shapes and colors…a unique and beautiful arrangement every time!  We cut them at their perfect stage, arrange them so they’re looking great from all angles and wrap them up all nice and neat for you. All you gotta do is snip their stems and drop them into your favorite vase at home.

Choose your preferred pickup location from the dropdown menu. Once the subscription begins, you’ll swing by your designated pickup spot to grab your bouquets every week!   

*Please note: For those opting for on-farm pickups, once we get closer, you’ll choose a specific time frame on Wednesdays to grab your flowers directly from the farm. This allows you the flexibility to fit the pickup into your schedule & keeps your flowers cool. If you’re closer to one of our awesome pickup spots, your flowers will be there by 10:30am on Thursdays. *They’ll need to be picked up during business hours!*

Start Date: Early September, when our dahlias are at their peak. Expect an email with pickup instructions 1-2 weeks before the subscription start date.

Duration: 3 weeks, with one bouquet per week

Dahlia Disclaimer:

While they’re some of the most stunning flowers you’ll lay eyes on, their beauty doesn’t last forever. If you’re hoping for blooms that will stick around for a week or more, dahlias might not be your best bet. 3-5 days is common for the varieties we will have. Their AMAZING colors, varied dimensions and textures make them WELL worth enjoying while they last :). We’ll include tips to help maximize the vase life.

Since our flowers are perishable, subscriptions are non-refundable and we are unable to replace missed pickups. Thank you for understanding and agreeing to this before signing up! Feel free to send a friend or family member if life gets hectic!

Whats next? You’ll receive an email with instructions in late August/early September before the subscription starts, so just make sure our emails aren’t going to spam…we have no way of knowing if they are.

We truly appreciate your local love and support for our little family farm! Your support makes it possible for us to grow the special things that we do, and we are so thankful for you!